Saturday, October 4, 2008


Yay, Halloween is on it's way! I love Halloween and all the fun fall activities that go along with it. I love getting Kaylee all dressed up in cute costumes. Her first Halloween she was a pumpkin, then a lady bug, care bear, and a pirate. This year she wants to be this !

What the hell?! This is not cute!! This isn't even for a GIRL!! I showed her this clown costume.

I told her people would think she was cute and they'd know she was a GIRL. I could do her makeup and she wouldn't have to worry about that hot and stinky mask that you can't see out of. She said she didn't want to be cute she wanted to be scary.Great.. just freaking great. My daughter wants to dress up as a boy for Halloween! Not just any boy though, she wants to be a scary killer clown BOY!!!!!
I did some searching with my fingers crossed hoping I would be able to find something she would like better. These costumes are meant for a GIRL!

How about this pretty little witch!

This fancy Vampire costume is really nice !

Ugh... who am I kidding? She hated those costumes and many more I tried showing her. She is dead set in wanting to be a BOY clown for Halloween. I will not give up on my search to find Kaylee a scary GIRL costume!

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