Friday, June 13, 2008

What a flooding disaster!

I live in Illinois and the Rock River runs through my town. We have gotten so much rain lately it's unbelievable. Every day I kid you not there are flood warnings all over my T.V. screen, although I don't really think any thing of them because I don't live on the river or that close to it that it would really affect me. ( Although I should because my road gets flooded into my yard, because the damn city won't have it fixed, but that's another story!) So, I really had no idea how bad all this flooding really is.

Today my mom called my husband begging him to come help my uncle move all of his belongings out of his house because the river is so high it's about to come into the house. He had to move everything including the fridge in fear that the water would come in and destroy it all. Mind you he has an 8 foot sea wall and the water
has rose all the way over that up into his yard!

When my husband was finished he came home and told me it was really bad. The worst flood he has ever seen in this area! Still after hearing all this I still couldn't believe that it was really that bad! I'm the type that has to see it to believe it.

My sister in law and I decided to go check it out for ourselves. As we were driving along the streets where the flood was taking place, I could not believe what I was seeing. It was flooded 3 blocks away from the river on the opposite side of it! The road wasn't flooded in that area but there were yards so flooded that kids were actually floating on rafts in there yard! As we were driving closer to the river it of course got much worse. Some of the houses were already starting to flood! In attempt to get the water out people had huge sub pumps in there houses with hoses going out to the road and the water was just spewing out of them.

We finally reached my uncles house. My poor uncle! Just talking to him about this was breaking my heart. What do you say in a situation like this? I'm sorry? Well, duh! What good hearted person wouldn't be sorry? Just 3 houses down from my uncle the road was completely flooded out. The water was up to the windows on the houses. People were actually letting there children swim in that nasty mess!

I really wish I could do something to help! I don't have much time or money to donate. I know that sounds selfish, but I can not drag my 3 children into that mess. That would do more harm then good. I'm just glad that I have such an awesome husband. He got off work early today and spent it helping the flood victims!

I didn't have my camera on me today, but I am going back tomorrow to take pictures and I'll post them on here.

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