Thursday, June 12, 2008

Go for a walk!

Tonight when my husband got home I caught him staring at my stomach. Well, if you know me you know that I hate when people stare at me! So. I was quietly thinking to myself I mean yelling out loud "If you have something to say then say it, if I'm that beautiful that you can't take you're eyes off my jelly rolls then take a picture, what the heck are you staring at?!" He finally removed his eyes from my stomach looked up at me and said, " You're getting a belly, you should take the kids and the dog for a walk every morning." Is he serious? Oh dear God I think he has just lost his freaking mind! SURE HONEY, EVERY MORNING AFTER I WAKE UP AND CHANGE THE BABIES ROTTEN DIAPER, AFTER I FEED HIM, AFTER I MAKE KAYLEE BREAKFAST, AFTER I TELL KAYLEE 500 TIMES THAT SHE CAN'T GO SWIMMING BECAUSE DAD IS MAKING US GO FOR A WALK I MEAN BECAUSE WE HAVE TO WALK BECAUSE MY BELLY IS TURNING INTO JELLY, AFTER I TAKE A SHOWER BECAUSE GOD KNOWS I AM NOT LEAVING THE HOUSE WITH MY HAIR LOOKING LIKE MEDUSA, AFTER I CLEAN THE HOUSE, AND DO THE 40 LOADS OF LAUNDRY WE HAVE EVERY DAY , I WILL TIE THE DOG TO MY WASTE WHILE HOLDING ON TO THE STROLLER, AND LET HIM DRAG US DOWN THE STREET BECAUSE BY THEN I HAVE NO ENERGY!! Ugh, what the heck is wrong with him? OK, I agree walking is good for you, and MAYBE my stomach does need to be tightened up a little bit, but why can't we walk together? C'mon Tiny, you're bigger then me, you could afford to shed a few pounds too! Why does he expect me to drag all 3 kids out and as if that's not enough the dog too, by myself? Tomorrow night when he gets off work you can bet you're butt he's going walking with me and our circus. I mean our wonderful kids! You better watch what you say there buddy! I AM WOMAN HEAR ME ROAR!!

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.:Simply Little:. said...

Oh Hell no he has gone crazy... All I can do is sit here and laugh wil shaking my head.. What a DIP..LOL Let me know if you took mike for a walk..LMAO