Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Bad Costumes!

Kaylee and I were searching the Internet tonight looking for an angel costume. we seen some really cute ones, but there were some really bad ones too. People actually let there little girls wear these stripper costumes? Please do not let your little girl walk around house to house knocking on the door asking for candy in these costumes! Yes, she may be your little sweet heart and sound so innocent when she holds out her bag and says trick or treat BUT she will look like a stripper and hate you for it later. This is called Charm School Witch. This looks just like the outfits they wear on Charm School ( a reality T.V show on VH1) . The girls are on there because they are bad girls, nobody you would want your .daughter to look up to!

Then we have this costume It doesn't look like a stripper costume. It's actually kind of cute. I'm all for Harley. I was actually thinking about saving it to my favorites just to have it on the back burner to show Kaylee when she tells me she changed her mind again. Then I thought about it. That little girl is all dressed up in her biker gear like she's 2 seconds away from hopping on her Harley..... in a SKIRT!! Classy ladies do not ride in skirts. Only trashy ladies who want there coochie blown in the wind do that type of thing. What the hell are people thinking when they are making these costumes? Why couldn't they make the costume with pleather pants that fit like little girls pants should fit? I know... I know the little girl is just going trick or treating and not actually jumping on her Harley, I'm not a total idiot. Well, I'd like to think I'm not, haha. I just want these damn costumes to make sense!! C'mon people that's not asking for that much!

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Robin Costello (Delswife) said...

That one girl's costume doesn't fit her at all. LOL!