Monday, October 13, 2008

Weekend Update!

  • Friday ~ Friday was when I went out for Holly's birthday. It was allot of fun although I was sober. I think I actually had more fun being sober then what I do when I'm drunk. We went to 4 different bars. The last bar we went to was so crowded. When we were on the dance floor we didn't even have to dance because we were getting bumped into so much that it looked like we were dancing. It was really fun though, We left the bar at 1:30 and went to eat at IHOP. I love there chicken salads . Yummy!! I want one now!!
  • Saturday ~ Saturday night Kaylee and I went with my brother, sister in law, and my nieces and nephew to Lockwood Parks haunted hay ride. We got there and purchased our hay ride tickets and they told us we couldn't get in line until 9:45. It was only 8:30! Thankfully they had live music, games, and face painting to entertain the kids. Once we were able to get in line we had to wait another hour before we got on the hay ride. It wasn't worth the wait honestly. They had allot of displays but only 2 monsters jumped out at us. I remember when I was younger there were monsters every 5 feet jumping out at you and chasing the wagon. Sometimes they would even jump on it. Not this time though, the tractor driver pulling the wagon was going way to fast for us to see anything, let alone for any monsters to jump up on the wagon. It was more funny then scary. But, it's O.K. Kaylee made sure I got my scare for the night. When the ride stopped, and everyone was supposed to get off Kaylee jumped up and ran off in front of our group. I thought she's 5, she knows to wait for us. Ha, yeah right! When we got off the wagon we were all looking and yelling for her. I took off running and yelling for her because I'm crazy, I mean because I went into panic mode. I lost my daughter!! As the tractor and wagon was pulling away the tour guide on the wagon laughed and said, "I hope she's not under the wagon!" AS THEY WERE PULLING AWAY HE SAID THAT!! What if she was ?! She would have been killed or injured very badly, and I would have been killing him! Jamie ( my sister in law) checked under the wagon and thank God she wasn't under there. So, back to me. I was running down a hill and screaming her name not looking where I was going, but instead looking into the crowd ahead of me. I ran right into a wooden fence! I broke the fence and fell on my face. Hurt my ankle, I have a bruise on my ribs, and injured my back even more then what it already was. I'm sure that had to be really funny to see though. A crazy lady running down a hill screaming Kaylee , thinks she super woman, tries to run through a fence, and falls flat on her face after breaking the fence! Hahaha, whatever! I was freaked. My brother helped me up and despite the pain, I went running for her again. I found her about 5 minutes after getting off the hay ride but it felt like 5 hours. There were cops standing around just staring at me. You would have thought a staff member or a cop would have been concerned and tried to help me look for her. They didn't though. Nobody did except for the people I was with. If paying $5 dollars to ride a stupid haunted hay ride doesn't scare you then just tell your child to get lost and run away from you. That will scare you so much that you feel the need to run yourself right into a wooden fence!
  • Sunday~ Sunday was just a lazy day. I didn't do anything really besides lounge around and nurse my wounds from that stupid fence!

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