Saturday, June 7, 2008

Coach Heather

Kaylee running when she hit her home run!!

That's right I'm coach Heather! I coach a t-ball team. I never imagined myself running around on a baseball diamond with eleven wild boys and girls, ages four through six! I love it, but they exhaust me!

We have been practicing for about six weeks and today was our first game. When they stepped out on the field it was like they had never been to a day of practice in there life! It was quite amusing.

When our team was up to bat I was the third base coach. We have practiced the signals the base coach would give them several times during practice. Like I said though, when we played our first game they forgot everything they learned! The kids were stealing bases, running into each other, building dirt castles, and even sitting down on the base like it was a great place to take a break! What a beautiful disaster!

When they played the field it was just as funny. We'd tell them to play third base and they'd stand on the pitchers mound. If we told them there position was first base they'd stand right in the way of the runner, so the runner would have to run around them. You'd think yelling, "MOVE YOU'RE GOING TO GET RAN OVER" would help, but oh no today they thought they were invisible! They had more time to spend on there dirt castles when they were playing the field so they were much bigger and better!

Even with all of that I think they did really good! You can't expect too much out of kids their age. I was actually really proud of my team!
My daughter Kaylee was so cute and funny out there! She was the last batter in the line up. In t-ball they don't have an umpire or keep score, so the last batter up runs all the bases no matter how far they hit the ball. Every time she hit the
ball she thought she got a home run! She was so proud of herself.

This is just the beginning of the t-ball season so I'm sure you'll hear many more stories from the coach of the crazy children ;)

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