Wednesday, June 11, 2008

How about those grades?

On Monday Damian ( my 12 year old step son) received his last report card for the 6th grade! He's been grounded since the 2nd quarter in school for his bad grades.He's not a dumb kid by any means. He just doesn't apply himself. He's our lover boy. He'd rather be passing love notes and showing off then paying attention and doing his work.
We told him if he didn't get any grades lower then a "C" then he could be ungrounded for the summer. When he got home from his last day of school I was ready to hear his famous excuses : I forgot it at school, I was the only kid in the whole school that didn't get one, it must have magically disappeared out of my back pack, the excuses are endless. This time though he came right in and handed me his report card. I almost died! I screamed, " What have you done with my son? Where are all the excuses?" Damian of course rolled his eyes and said,"Just look at it and tell me if I'm ungrounded!" I pulled the little piece of paper out of the envelope. I was impressed with what I saw! He didn't get straight "A's" or even one "A", but he did improve allot!

Quarter 3* C+ QUARTER 4* C+


Quarter 3* F QUARTER 4* C-

  • MATH

Quarter 3* D QUARTER 4* C


Quarter 3* F QUARTER 4* C-


Quarter 3* D- QUARTER 4* D


Quarter 3* C+ QUARTER4* B-

He only got one "D". I know that's not good, but you have to give credit where credit is due. He improved and after all, he did pass the 6th grade! When I told him he was ungrounded he squealed like a cheerleader who's team just scored a touch down! WAY TO GO DAMIAN!!

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